The Movie “Jobs: Get Inspired” will focus on Steve’s early career

The upcoming biographical movie about the life of Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs will be mainly focused on the early part of his life, according to the film producer.

The movie, which is totally independent, and starring hollywood star Ashton Kutcher, playing as the illustrious Steve Jobs, will cover his life events during the years 1971 to 2000. The film producer also added that the movie script will primarily be based upon publicly available information about Steve’s life and that he started working on it after his retirement in August 2011.

Some people have been wandering why exactly was the Punk’d show star Mr. Kutcher selected for the role. The film executives saw in him a very uncanny resemblance of the early Steve Job years, and wanted him on-board.

In addition to the film producer’s trust in Ashton Kutcher, the punk’d star himself was very interested in playing the role. Ashton has been a long time fan of Apple and Steve Jobs and was deeply hurt just like millions of other followers by the sad demise of the Jobs.

But Ashton is not the only high profile actor in the movie, as the film producers teased that there are other ‘exciting’ actors as well. The movie is expected to be scheduled around May 2012 in the location of Los Angeles with a blockbuster release in the the latter part of the year.


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