Microsoft will struggle against Google and Apple in the tablet market : Reports

A long and tough road for Microsoft…

Microsoft Windows TabletsVarious technology experts and analysts are suggesting that Microsoft’s push in to the tablet market will be in vain. The US software giant has a tough competition in Google and Apple and is back in a distant 3rd place.

The research company, Gartner suggests that Microsoft will only see limited success and that Apple has got the major share of the pie in the tablets market. According to their estimates, Microsoft will be getting only 4% of the whole market share mostly because of it’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system platform.

In comparison, Apple, which is the current market leader will have control over more than 61% of the market share while Google’s android based systems grabbing 32%.

More reports suggest towards the fact that the market share of the overall tablet industry will see a gradual rise thanks to enterprise purchases. However, the overall growth will be slow as consumers have yet to really grab the idea.

That is not all because there are rumors of Nokia trying to enter the market with their very own tablet using the Windows 8 OS platform later this year. That will surely give Microsoft a bit of a boost in terms of holding on their market share.
This year, a total of 119 million tablets are expected to sell, which will be roughly double of what it was last year.

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