Don’t like Instagram? Here are 5 great photo sharing app alternatives!

Photosharing AppsWith Facebook buying out the popular photo sharing app ‘Instagram’, some users are already starting to look for alternatives. Considering the social network’s  past history in dealing with privacy issues, it is of no surprise that people (particularly photographers) would want to try out other apps rather than risk their content on Facebook.

But don’t worry because there are a number of other options. Here are some of the alternatives that are available for users (for iPhone), which can allow them pretty much the same functionality and features that Instagram provides. Capturing a photo, filtering it, and sharing it with friends can all be done with these following apps.

Alternatives for Instagram App

1. Camera Awesome 

Camera Awesome, as the their tagline suggests, lets you “Awesomize your Memories”. It’s a full fledged camera app, with all sorts of different effects to play around with. The pictures taken through the app are sharper and much better exposed. The app comes with a Tap-Sharing feature that lets you easily share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks.

Awesomize Camera Awesome

The Awesomize feature lets you capture a perfect frame by tapping only once. The special effects are also worth mentioning, designed by professional photographer Kevin Kubota. The best thing about this app is that it’s free!

Download Camera Awesome

2. EyeEm

Eyem is another very exciting photo sharing app which allows users to connect with other people through their photos. On the basis of wherever they are, users can easily share and discover new photos (even albums) of their friends from around the world. The app can be thought of a photo sharing utility along with a social twist.

EyeEm Photo Sharing App

The nice feature about it that like-minded people can create groups and share their favorite pictures among themselves. Let’s say you’re a cat lover, you can easily share your favorite pictures of cats and find others who appreciate the same photos. The app is available to download for free.

Download EyeEm

 3. Camera +

This photo app has got the most amount of filter effects and picture editing tools of all that are available in the market. If you’re a professional photographer or an amateur, Camera + is the best suited app for both categories of people. Features like touch focus, photo flashlight, and digital zoom make it an attractive app for social photo capturing and sharing.

Camera + app

However, this app is not for free and costs $1 to download but it’s not much considering the variety of features and functionality of the app.

Download Camera +

4. Hipstamatic

An app among that was among the first to feature vintage camera effects, Hipstamatic provides a balanced mixture of functionality and practical use so that users of all ages can feel comfortable with it. Hipstamatic gives you the control to change the lens, flash and film stocks apart from the usual tapping an effect and capturing images. The app can also imitate the development process of a real camera. The social sharing features are also well integrated with support for Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Hipstamatic app

The only downside to all of this is the basic cost which stands at $2 for the app. Extended features all cost separately depending upon the styles and effects.

Download Hipstamatic

5. PicYou

PicYou allows you to instantly share your images with family and friends and anyone else for that matter. The interface is actually very much like Instagram, and allows for instant sharing to all popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter etc. Some of the features include unique filters like Albion, Zeitgeist, Dreamy, allows unlimited uploads to the cloud, full camera capability (front and back) and exclusive access from the web at

PicYou app

This app is also not free and will cost you $1. If you like Instagram, then this app is the most similar to it offering very similar features and functions.

Download PicYou



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