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The Movie “Jobs: Get Inspired” will focus on Steve’s early career

The upcoming biographical movie about the life of Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs will be mainly focused on the early part of his life, according to the film producer. The movie, which is totally independent, and starring hollywood star Ashton Kutcher, playing as the illustrious Steve Jobs, will cover his life events during the years [...]

4 Startup companies to watch out for in 2012

Which internet startup companies will go big in the year 2012? This is the question in everyone’s mind in the technology world. The competition is fierce as entrepreneurs and angel investors are going hard at creating the next big internet sensation. We round off the 5 startups (in no particular order) that have the potential to make it big [...]

Almost 50 percent of the top blogs on the internet use WordPress!

You can expect the popular blogging platform WordPress to have a strong following from a variety of website owners. But recent reports point towards the surprising fact that almost up to 50 percent of the top internet blogs are using the WordPress platform! Popular blogs like Mashable, TechCrunch, Boing Boing, CNN Political Ticker, and Hollywood [...]

Microsoft will struggle against Google and Apple in the tablet market : Reports

A long and tough road for Microsoft… Various technology experts and analysts are suggesting that Microsoft’s push in to the tablet market will be in vain. The US software giant has a tough competition in Google and Apple and is back in a distant 3rd place. The research company, Gartner suggests that Microsoft will only [...]

Don’t like Instagram? Here are 5 great photo sharing app alternatives!

With Facebook buying out the popular photo sharing app ‘Instagram’, some users are already starting to look for alternatives. Considering the social network’s  past history in dealing with privacy issues, it is of no surprise that people (particularly photographers) would want to try out other apps rather than risk their content on Facebook. But don’t [...]