Almost 50 percent of the top blogs on the internet use WordPress!

WordPress BlogsYou can expect the popular blogging platform WordPress to have a strong following from a variety of website owners. But recent reports point towards the surprising fact that almost up to 50 percent of the top internet blogs are using the WordPress platform!

Popular blogs like Mashable, TechCrunch, Boing Boing, CNN Political Ticker, and Hollywood Life among many others are using the WordPress platform for supporting their website.

The survey was conducted by Pingdom. Apart from the 50 percent share of WordPress, 14 percent of share went to custom designed blogs and websites.

The WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg talked about the strong hold that WordPress has in the market and thought that the reason lied in usability and flexibility of their platform. WordPress is being used by both small and large websites, irrespective of their ranking and visitor traffic. What’s more is that they are expecting even increased integration of WordPress blogs over this year and the next.

Most of the success that WordPress has enjoyed is thanks to the wide array of features and functions it provides for bloggers. The flexibility of the platform is loved the most by everyone. In addition, the recent introduction of the WordAds feature has also given incentive to bloggers and a chance to earn money from their websites.

Resultingly, the number of bloggers switching their blogs to WordPress from other platforms like Tumblr, TypePad etc are now increasing. So it’s a safe bet to assume that WordPress will keep on gaining the market share.

Do you think competing blogging platforms can do anything about this and whether they will able to mount a challenge to WordPress? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Many of the users that once enlisted the previously popular platforms TypePad, Moveable Type, and BlogSmith have now migrated over to WordPress. Pingdom found that over the last three years WordPress has enjoyed a 32 percent increase in users.

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