4 Startup companies to watch out for in 2012

Startup Companies

Which internet startup companies will go big in the year 2012? This is the question in everyone’s mind in the technology world. The competition is fierce as entrepreneurs and angel investors are going hard at creating the next big internet sensation.

We round off the 5 startups (in no particular order) that have the potential to make it big in 2012.


DwollaTransfer of money using social media networks is not something people can have total confidence on. This is where Dwolla comes in. It allows people to make payments through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and even SMS. This is made possible by integrating a user’s bank account with his Dwolla account.

So whenever a payment is received, the user is notified.  The money can then be safely transferred from the Dwolla account to the respective bank accounts. Dwolla provides free payments upto $10 but charges $0.25 for anything more than that.


Zaarly LogoZaarly helps people ask for anything (buy things, do laundry for others, paint a house etc) and get offers for it from the people they trust. Users can easily post a request and get connected with others who can provide the services. It’s like a local version of what Craigslist does and even allows people to request items like a reverse form of eBay.

Buyers can easily decide what they want and how much they want to pay for it. The company helps spread the word about the request and finds someone who can fulfill it.

This service has definitely got the potential to make it big in 2012.


codecademy logoWant to treat JavaScript as if it were a game? Now you can with Codeacademy where thousands of programmers rally around to create interesting codes and scripts. The website offers lessons in JavaScript currently but have plans to expand to other languages thanks to its increasing userbase.

The idea of the website has allowed people to work in JavaScript language which mainly is seen as a burden and annoyance and has turned the whole concept of it by making it fun to work on. This startup is definitely something to watch out for in the year 2012 as social network integration is all set to have more programmers and aspiring coders coming in.


Directly.me is a simple yet unique platform that allows users to directly contact people that are otherwise out of reach from their immediate network. The website offers to reduce all the noise and clutter and helps members to connect with anyone (celebrities, influencers etc) on a more direct and personal level.

The website offers their users a wide array of activities to strengthen their contact and provides tools to rank and influence others along with exciting networking opportunities.


taskrabbit logoTaskRabbit was created back in 2008 in San Francisco, and is now growing at a very rapid pace. It’s an online task-for-pay platform that allows people to find someone in a local vicinity to find jobs. A task and errand service by trustworthy people. It claims to provide just about any service in a safe and reliable way. When you have a task you need done, you can post it on the website. Other ‘Taskrabbits’ will bid on it and you can award it to anyone of your liking. Payment are only done after the work is complete.

In December 2011, the company received a whopping $17.8 million in financing. Now they are planning to widen their business to 12 cities nationwide in the US.

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